28 Day STEM LEGO Building Challenge

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If you are looking for a way to inject more excitement and challenge into your LEGO building, you will love this 28 day set of STEM activities.

These are great educational activities to supplement learning at home, or just for fun and to challenge keen minds.

You can use LEGO bricks from any set or style for these activities, although some challenges require certain colours or shapes of bricks.

The 28 cards can be printed out and cut up, then draw one from a bowl or bag each day, or you can work your way through the challenges one by one.

There are also 6 blank cards for parents or kids to design their own challenges.

The STEM LEGO challenges include easier ones such as make something that can fly or build a staircase.

Then there are more complex challenges that could take more than a day, such as Create something that is heavy and another version that is light.

LEGO fans of all ages will love these challenges and they will certainly keep them busy!