4th of July Writing and Handwriting Pages

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This pack of Fourth of July Writing Paper has so many different uses.

Grab some patrioytic writing prompts and write a story or learn about the history of Independence Day and use it for notebooking pages.

Or you could use this collection of red, white and blue inspired writing paper for writing out your Fourth of July BBQ, party or picnic invitations.

Or use them after the event to help your kids record their memories of the holiday, write letters to friends or relatives, for school projects or anything else you can think of!

They're great for Memorial Day or Presidents' Day too!

Each page features a US icon such as the golden eagle, the Liberty Bell, the Stars and Stripes, the Statue of Liberty or good ole Uncle Sam!

There are a couple fo plain continuation sheets too, if you prefer that.

Some pages are single spaced lines, while others contain handwriting guides of different widths for younger kids.

This is a writing set you will come back to time and again over the years!