Alcatraz Island Unit Study

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Students will love this amazing unit study all about the island of Alcatraz!

This awesome unit study contains information about the history of Alcatraz.

Also includes a map of the island, acrostic poem and puzzle.

There is also plenty of scope to cover a visit to Alcatraz, real or virtual.

Write about the ferry trip over, or as if you were going there in the past as a prisoner.

Students can also add some photos and go on a fun Alcatraz scavenger hunt as they explore the island.

Perfect for Second Grade up to Fifth Grade learners with lots of information and research activities for students to learn all about the island of Alcatraz.

This printable pack can be used as a stand alone Alcatraz unit study, a pre-visit activity or part of a wider study on history or justice.

This pack is great for school classroom, homeschoolers, and to add to your unit studies!