Arbor Day Unit Study

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Are you looking for resources to study Arbor Day with your students or in your homeschool this spring?

Kids will love this fun unit study all about the origins of Arbor Day, what it stands and how we can all take part in celebrating trees this spring.

Learn about the origins of Arbor Day and why it is celebrated, as well as which states and countries celebrate this festival.

Research the founder of Arbor Day with a biography research page, easily usable again and again for other prominent people in your studies.

Learn about trees and how important they are to our planet, then name 5 things trees contribute to our lives and environment - N.B. this would make a great wall display teachers!

Learn more about our precious trees with two diagrams to discuss and label: the parts of a tree and the tree life cycle.

Then why not adopt a tree in your neighborhood and create a leaflet all about your tree?

You could devote the whole of Arbor Day to this unit which covers different aspects of the curriculum, including history, geography, language arts and science.

Or you could spend a week on the different aspects of Arbor Day and learning about trees, or as part of a wider unit study on trees or plants.

This unit study pack is perfect for kids learning about Arbor Day, trees, botany or plant life cycles.


Help your young students to develop their research and presentation skills with these fun activities, all while learning about trees and Arbor Day.

This printable pack is perfect as the starting point to a wider study, or as a stand alone mini unit study.


This pack is great for school classroom, homeschoolers, and to add to your unit studies!