Dinosaur Museum Pretend Play Set

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Kids will love playing paleontologists or visitors to the dinosaur museum with this fun printable dramatic play set!

Role play being archaeologists or paleontologists with bones to discover and species to name as you play dinosaur hunters.

Then use the signs and dramatic play to set up a dinosaur museum in your home and guide visitors around the exhibits.

Use the tickets to gain entry to the museum, then the species guides to learn about the different types of dinosaurs, when they lived and how they were discovered

Visitors can look at dinosaur bones and learn about archaeology.

Add a dinosaur dig kit or some toy dinosaurs and you have a play centre ready to go!

Kids will love learning about the different dinosaur skeletons, fossils and more.

Whether they are the paleontologist, curator, archivist, tour guide or visitor, this pretend play set will provide hours of fun play again and again.

This printable dinsoaur museum role play set includes everything kids need to set up their play area for hours of fun.

It would make the perfect addition to a Dinsoaur unit study, or for dino-mad kids!

This dinosaur museum themed pretend play set is perfect for preschool and elementary age children.

This set contains 17 pages including:

  • Dinosaur museum tickets
  • Species guide
  • Dinosaur skeletons to help kids learn
  • Fossil guides
  • Name badges
  • Assorted signs