Fire Station Pretend Play Set

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Kids will love playing firefighters with this fun printable dramatic play set!

Role play being firefighters with an engine to clean and prepare, equipment to check and ready and people to rescue.

This set even includes printable firefighter hats to craft!

The printable fire station role play set includes emergency report cards, junior firefighter training certificate, 911 phone and printable play phones to practice calling the fire engine out!

Perfect for creative role play, for kids who want to be a firefighter when they grow up, or as part of a People Who Help Us unit study.

This fire station and firefighter themed pretend play set is perfect for preschool and elementary age children.

This set contains 15 pages including:

  • Emergency report
  • Junior Firefighter training certificate
  • Fire station signs
  • Emergency signs
  • Firefighter hats
  • Gear checklist
  • Incident information record