Flower Shop Pretend Play Set

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Kids will love pretending to run their own flower shop with this cute florist store pretend play set!

Role play being a florist, cashier, delivery driver or customer!

The set includes delivery order forms, a florist's checklist, design a flower garden sheet, covers for seed display packets, delivery forms for payment, prices lists, labels, play money and more.

Kids can create their very own florist or garden centre / store and learn about what plants need to grow, plant life cycles, using money, different plant types and much more.

This would make a great addition to a Botany or Plants unit study to reinforce or introduce learning.

Perfect for creative role play, fun dramatic play with family or friends, and learning, this flower shop pretend play set is perfect for preschool and elementary age children.

This set contains 23 pages:

  • Design a yard activity
  • Assorted flower order and delivery forms
  • Florist checklist (plant needs)
  • Staff badges
  • Seed and bulb labels
  • Price lists
  • Assorted signs
  • Play money (dollars)