Galileo Galilei Unit Study

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Are your students learning about the moon, space, Italy or the history of science this year?

Add in a unit study on the man Einstein called 'the father of modern science', Galileo Galilei

The most important scientist of the Renaissance, Galileo pioneered the experimental scientific method making modern science possible.

He was the first to use a refracting telescope to make important astronomical discoveries, advancing knowledge in physics, astronomy and more.

Galileo was the first to observe and chart the craters and mountains on the Moon.

He posited that the moon's surface was not smooth but rough, with mountains and craters whose shadows changed with the position of the Sun.

He also charted the phases of Venus, Jupiter's moons and the stars of the Milky Way.

He even invented the first pendulum clock.

This Galileo unit study contains some information about Galileo's life and work with prompts to find out more, a timeline for his life, work on Galileo's experiments and inventions, research prompts and design exercises.

The main assignment in this unit study is a project to create an advertisement for one of Galileo's inventions. With guided prompts and design tips, your students will love this creative exercise.

Perfect for Fourth Grade up to Seventh Grade learners with lots of information and research activities for students to learn all about Galileo, his life and work.

This printable pack can be used as a stand alone Galileo unit study or as part of a wider study of science and scientists, astronomy, the moon, Italy, the Renaissance, the history of science and more.

This pack is great for school classroom, homeschoolers, and to add to your unit studies!