Grocery Store Pretend Play Set

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Kids will love this grocery store pretend play set!

Role play running a grocery store, the perfect way to learn about money, produce, even the geography of where food comes from, fair trade and more.

This 18 page printable set includes signs for different departments in the grocery store, daily inventory sheet for kids to fill in (great for writing practice), staff badges and customer shopping lists (great for role play), bar codes and discount coupons, and lots and lots of play money in note and coin denominations.

This printable set is perfect for creative role play, as part of a food or farm unit study at any time of year, for learning about money, and much more.

This grocery store pretend play set is perfect for preschool and elementary age children, or even for older kids to help them learn about money.

This set contains 18 pages:

  • Name labels for staff members
  • Grocery store section signs
  • Daily inventory of produce
  • Grocery shopping lists for customers
  • Sale signs
  • Open and closed signs
  • Discount coupons
  • Bar codes
  • Play money in denominations from 1c all the way up to $100