Killer Whales Unit Study

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Your students will love this delightful unit study all about killer whales.

This awesome unit study contains lots of facts and information to read about these fascinating creatures.

Learn about the unique characteristics of orca, their habits and more fantastic facts.

Tasks include answering questions, research activities, a writing exercise and YouTube video to watch for research.

Kids could also create a poster or a leaflet or brochure about killer whales with the facts they learn.

Also includes colouring pages for fun.

This unit study pack is perfect for kids learning about orca / killer whales or life under the sea.

Help your young students to develop their research writing skills with these fun activities, all while learning about these stunning creatures.

This printable pack is perfect as the starting point to a wider study, or as a stand alone mini unit study.

Ideal for Third Grade to Seventh Grade students.

This pack is great for school classroom, homeschoolers, and to add to your unit studies!