Music Camp at Home DIY Summer Camp Guide

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Do your kids love music? Want to create your very own DIY music camp at home this summer?

Creating your own music camp at home is the ideal way to keep busy kids busy for the long weeks of summer vacation.

Snag this amazing printable guide and get tons of ideas, suggestions and activities that will keep your music-mad kids happy and mom stress-free all summer long!

Summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to do something different and to follow their interests, so why not use a music theme for tons of fun this summer break?

This printable guide will help you to create an amazing music or band camp experience in the comfort of your own home and backyard.

With everything from musical instrument exploration and making, to musical history and music therapy, this planner pack has tons of ideas.

The planner pack features 18 differently themed ideas to help you create the ultimate music camp at home with learning, experiences and tons of family fun - you'll make some amazing memories!

Grab this pack today and start planning an amazing summer for your kids!

It's perfect for schooled kids and homeschoolers of all ages.