Summer Solstice Unit Study

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Your students will love this fun Summer Solstice unit study!

This awesome unit study contains Summer Solstice facts, a guide to world landmarks and built to celebrate the sun, several research and writing exercises and more.

With an acrostic poem, vocabulary page and solstice diagram this is a great way to incorporate literacy into your summer season studies.

This resource will help students to understand the solstice and where the sun is at this time of year, and also to develop their research and verbal reasoning skills.

Perfect for Grades 3-8 dependent on ability, learners will love this fun and informative Summer Solstice unit study pack.

This printable pack can be a stand alone Summer Solstice unit study, or the starting point to a wider Seasons, Summer or Sun & Moon Earth Sciences study.

This pack is great for school classroom, homeschoolers, and to add to your unit studies!